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Hey! Is it possible for those not yet on the blog to subscribe? If so, how? If not, do I send the email addresses of these fans, friends, and relatives to John C? Chris C? How, what? Thanks so much. This blog has people wanting in. --Beth 
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Yeah, and I would like to know how this works as well.<o:p></o:p>


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Great - some answers:

About the site:
This is a website John (my dad) set up for anyone going on the trip to easily share info, pictures, and reports from the road. It also works like an email list -- if you're subscribed, you get an email when people share something, and you can just reply by email to respond and comment on the website.

Contributing to the site - how to share stories, photos, etc.:
To share something with the rest of the group, just send an email to Your email can be text, but you can also attach photos or other files and it will all be posted on the website.

Sharing the site with friends and family:
The site is public, so you can just send the link to people and they can see all the stories and photos on the site. They can click on the "subscribe by email" link on the right hand side of the main page to get email updates.

I am happy to add a list of people as subscribers -- if you have people who you want to receive emails and site updates, send a list of emails to me at and I will add them.

Thanks! Hope that helped - to all going, have a great trip!