Day 1...Friday in Buenos Aires

We arrived early Friday morning and headed over to our hotel, the Los Patios de Montserrat, a charming 19th century B&B in one of the oldest and best districts of Buenos Aires. Fifteen foot ceilings with wrought iron skylight. Hung out for a bit and then went on a guided walking tour of the inner city for four or five hours, ending with dinner at 8:00 with our guide, Marta .

Extremely interesting city, warm people. The city is huge: two or three million plus about ten million more in the sprawling suburbs. Gritty but great architecture with a certain sense of tired hope. The last seventy five years have been hard on them. Steak for lunch, btw, just in case.

Tomorrow is a fairly gentle day. We'll head down towards the famous Buenos Aires cemetery with its spectacular tombs and we'll end with dinner out at Marta's home, where she has planned an exciting evening for us.