Last Hurrah in Buenos Aires

Day 3 – Sunday February 27: Buenos Aires

Urban Bikes in Buenos Aires took care of us today. We met Daniel and Xavier near a park downtown at what seemed an unseemly time on Sunday morning, as we were still a little tender from the festivities the night before. Nonetheless we gamely mounted a fleet of mountain bikes for an all-day ride around the city. Daniel rode a bamboo bike which we all marveled at greatly. Through parks and barrios, out to the Boca – the oldest district of BA at mouth of the river Platte, which is now a ramshackle colorful tourist site near a huge soccer stadium. Lunch at the Hippopotamus Cafe and then back across town to high-security (and beautiful) neighborhoods housing lots of embassies. By 4:00 we were hot and dusty and tired. We returned to our lair at Los Patios, had a final monumental dinner at the nearby El Globo and packed our bags for the early morning ride out to the airport.

On to Bariloche!